EGC 2018 in numbers

EGC 2018 in numbers

As of today, we have 1317 subscribers to the web site. This is an all-time high, and we are excited about it, thanks to all of you!

We are now only ten days from the date of the congress, so we can try and do our last reasonable estimate to give you an idea of where we are going. We will publish the final figures after the end of EGC 2018, but you'll get the flavor with these, so here are the numbers of EGC 2018!

We estimate that in the end we will have 1200 registered people:

  • 25 teachers
  • 65 volunteers and organisers
  • 110 non-playing accompanying guests
  • 100 playing children
  • 900 paying participants, 10% of which are under 18

Of the paying players, we estimate:

  • 450 staying for the whole congress period
  • 350 staying for one week plus weekend
  • 100 staying for less than that

Finally, these are our estimates of attendance during both weeks:

  • 1.000 attendees (850 players) during the first week
  • 900 attendees (750 players) during the weekend
  • 750 attendees (600 players) during the second week

We host a total of at least 27 tournaments, including those organised by sponsoring institutions.


Well, that's all folks, let's work together and make EGC 2018 the largest and greatest European Go Congress of all times (Until next year, obviously)!

- Francesco Potortì, EGC organiser