EGC has partnered up with an experienced local tourist agency called Tuscany Suits You (TSY). They will shoulder all the organisational and logistical duties to ensure you have a great time on your trips during the congress.


Official website with all events specifically offered at EGC: Tuscany Suits You
Email: info@tuscanysuitsyou.com
Phone: +39 339 5605174 (Mo  Fr, 9.00h A.M. to 5.00h P.M.)


  • All offers will be for EGC visitors only.
  • No limits on number of participants per event (when one group fills up, another group will be created).
  • Group reservations are possible, but please make sure your group is not bigger than the maximum number of participants for that tour; if that is the case, the group might have to be split into two.
  • Wheelchair accessibility might be available on certain tours, but it's not guaranteed. Please ask the organiser about this in your booking request.
  • Meals included in certain events can be viewed on the website. Vegetarian or vegan options might be available, but are not guaranteed either. Please also ask about this in your booking request.

Refer to Tuscany Suits You EGC dedicated page for up-to-date information on events.



Apart from the above TSY offer, inside the congress bag you will find a voucher. At this page you can find detailed instructions on how to use it.