How to get there

How to get here

How to get to Italy



It is the faster and easier choice. Pisa's Airport is very close to the city, and there will be a bus service for the partecipants, arriving and leaving on selected dates.

Air France / KLM are the Official Carriers of EGC 2018.
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Use this link to book your flight ticket with a special reduction for the EGC 2018. In the field "Event ID" insert the code 32205AF. The reduction will be in the range 10%-40%, depending on the flight.
Destination cities are Pisa and Florence. From Florence you can reach Pisa by a 1-hour train ride. Go the to check the train timetable. Usually, there are 3 trains per hour.


Italy's main cities

How to move around Italy

Pisa-Rome: 350Km

Pisa-Milan: 270Km

Pisa-Florence: 80­Km

Pisa-Venice: 340Km

Pisa-Napoli: 560Km



Our first suggestion to move in Italy: is faster, comfortable, and if you buy the ticket some weeks before your trip, it will be very cheap (20-50€).




Is much cheaper than train (5-20€) but it takes twice the time, or more.




If you have a car, and people to share the trip with, then it will be cheaper than the train.

Remember to check the motorway tolls, before you go.


You can find all the parking lots in the map in this site, by checking the right boxes.

There is a monitored parking lot, right in front of the Congress Palace and parking areas nearby. Very little and sparse free parking, unfortunately.

In case you wanted to park somewhere else, remember that white lines indicates free parking, while blue lines means paid street parking.

There will be a payment machine nearby where you can get a receipt, to be put in the car window.