About Italy

Welcome to Italy


The EGC 2018 is going to be held in Pisa, historical city of Tuscany, in the West-central part of our country.
Although Pisa is known worldwide for its Leaning Tower, the city offers more than 20 other historic monuments and the beautiful sights of the River Arno (not to mention the delicious food! ;-))
The city is located 10 km from the Meditarranean Sea, and you can check the summer temperatures here.
Nearby you can find other cities like Lucca, Livorno, Viareggio, and just a little bit farther, Florence.


Fast facts about Pisa

Pisa is a city of two faces. More than 50% of the ~90,000 inhabitants of Pisa are students, so most of city life is shaped to accommodate a student lifestyle. If you stay away from the tourist hotspots, the surrounding districts (where our congress is taking place) can be a quiet and relaxing environment. However, during this tourist season several hundred thousand tourists are expected to visit during this tourist season.

Among Pisa's many, many sights, the Leaning Tower (Torre Pendente) is of course the most famous. Shortly after construction began in 1173 the building started tilting ever so slightly. The foundation didn't reach deep enough into the clay soil it was built on. Over the course of 800 years the tilt only ever kept increasingg, and yet is keeps standing as one of the world's most recognisable landmarks. When you go to visit, though, be prepared for long waiting times; only a few people may climb the tower at any given time due to security reasons.

Checklist before your trip

Some things to consider in preparation for your trip and while packing your suitcase. We want to make sure you don't forget anything important, such as:

Emergency phone numbers

Please write these down and have them ready just in case:

Emergency services 112

Registration Desk has 3 numbers +39 050 598139, +39 050 572626, and +39 349 4258854
(every day, 8.00h to 20.00h; for general information, in case you have to reach the tournament organisers, or if you are lost somewhere and you need help)

'Tuscany Suits You' (our tourist agency) +39 339 5605174
(Mo – Fr, 9.00h to 17.00h; for general information and to get directly in touch with the TSY travel representative at the congress)


  • passport, Italian dictionary or phone app (e.g. for reading street signs), hygiene products
  • flexible clothing selection for both hot, humid weather (shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals, etc.) and also colder, windier weather (long trousers, jackets, raincoats, etc.)
  • mosquito protection, sun hat and sun glasses, sunscreen lotion (temperatures of at least 30° Celcius/86° Fahrenheit and high humidity are not uncommon)
  • biking gear (if you are interested in bike tours), swimsuit, bath towels, pool toys (beach balls, frisbees, etc.)
  • smartphone (consider buying a SIM card from a local phone provider to avoid roaming costs), photo/video camera, AC adapters for charging (see here for details on the shape of the plug, voltage, and frequency)
  • enough space in your bags for all the souvenirs and prizes from EGC ;-)


Beware of pickpockets

Unfortunately we also have to address the less than pleasant side of our city. Along with visitors enjoying their vacation, the Summer season also attracts pickpockets. Don't worry, you are not in danger of getting mugged in the street! Violent crimes are very rare in Pisa. But a thief might take their chance and rob you while you are distracted or tired, and not paying enough attention. Stay safe with these tips:

Potentially risky places to be on your guard:

  • Bus stops and train stations can be risky, both while waiting on your ride and while taking it; the trains going to and from the airport are said to be the most risky.
  • Outdoor venues like cafés and fast food restaurants.
  • Miracles Square (Piazza del Miracoli), also known as Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo); this is where you go to see the Leaning Tower:
  • Pisa's most popular shopping street, The Italian Boulevard (Corso Italia):


  • Keep important items (phone, small cash, documents, camera, etc.) in pockets or pouches close to your body (but never your back pocket).
  • Avoid putting valuables in backpacks or handbags. During a crowded bus or train ride, turn your backpack around to the front. If you sit down anywhere with a backpack or handbag, don't put it next to your chair or on the seat next to you. Instead, put your bags on the table in clear sight of everybody.
  • Don't draw attention to where you store your money. Always access your wallet or money pouch in a discreet way when taking out cash.
  • Leave important items at your accommodation if possible. Ask if your place has storage boxes for safekeeping.
  • Last but not least: keep in mind that pickpockets always look for the easiest targets. If you are visibly distracted (looking at or talking on your phone, looking for directions, reading a book, etc.), you should keep in mind that pickpockets are more likely to target you. If you are in a group with elderly people, or people with visible movement impairments (injuries, disabilities, etc.), consider carrying their valuables for them.

For more tips and advice on this topic, please read this website for more details, including examples for what to look out for.



The EGC 2018 organizing team is glad to invite you all here, to play and visit!
F.I.G.G. Federazione Italiana Gioco Go