Accommodation S.M.S.

We have reached an agreement with a student house which is only 350 meters from Palazzo dei Congressi.

Our deal is to manage all the booking ourselves: please do not try and contact them directly, but just write to should you need additional info.

We collect the money on a Paypal money box managed by Francesco Potortì, main organiser of EGC 2018 in Pisa. We do not charge any fees: all the money collected in the Paypal money box is transferred to the student house as part of our deal. Once all the rooms are booked, the Paypal money collection will be closed.

You can use the forum to find room mates for double and triple rooms, or else you can just book a bed and we will find room mates for you.

There are 42 beds available in 20 rooms, all with private bathroom, internet connection and minifridge. The buidling also has a nice garden, covered parking, equipped kitchen, lunch room, laundry,  TV room and sports field.

Rooms will be cleaned and tidied every day, and fresh sheets will be provided on arrival and every 4 days after that.

The number and type of the rooms and the daily price per day are as follows. Double room B does not have a TV set.

Room type Available Free
Per person
Per room
Single room 2 0
40 €
40 €
Double room A 4 4
30 €
60 €
Double room B 10
28 € 56 €
Triple room
27 €
81 €

To reserve the room, decide how many nights you stay and pay on the Paypal money box.

Be sure to provide the following information in an email message to EGC 2018.

Object: Accommodation S.M.S.

  1. your full name
  2. arrival and departure dates
  3. type of room (double A, double B, triple)
  4. your name and IDs (optional, for a faster check in)
  5. name of a room mate who will pay separately (optional)
  6. any information you think is useful

Beds are booked in payment order..

You can cancel your reservation any time by writing to, as long as the Paypal money collection is still open. If you cancel, we will refund you the whole amount. Please note that Paypal may charge you fees that we will not refund. Once the Paypal money collection is closed, you cannot cancel your reservation any more, but you can transfer it to someone else. Should you need to transfer it, you can look on our forum for someone who wants it.