Open Pair Go Handicap Tournament

Open Pair Go Handicap Tournament

This tournament is open to mixed-sex pairs with an average rank lower or equal to 5.5 dan (in this respect professionals count as 8 dan). 16 pairs in total will compete for 1st place.

Rules: The tournament consists of two stages  a preliminary stage and a knock-out stage. A seeding system will make sure that the best four seeded pairs will not compete against each other in the preliminary stage. The best 8 pairs from the preliminaries will immediately move up to the knockout stage..

International Pair Go Rules apply. This means that the order of moves will be restored after an unintentional rotation error has occurred. If such an error is spotted immediately, a three-point-penalty will be given to the pair who made the error. This tournament will be played with full handicap, according to rank difference of each team's average rank.

The time limit depends on the stage of the tournament.

Preliminaries: 30 minutes plus 30 seconds byoyomi
Knock-out stage: 40 minutes plus 30 seconds byoyomi

We hope that this year's event will be sponsored by the World Pair Go Association once again.