Ренго турнир

Турнир Ренго

The Rengo Tournament has a long tradition at Go congresses. Three players play on each side taking turns with their moves - similar to Pair Go. It uses full handicap according to the average rank of the players (rounded down) but we encourage creating multicultural multi-generation teams of various strength as follows:

  • one extra handicap stone for the team with more nationalities
  • one extra handicap stone for the team with highest age difference
  • one extra handicap stone forthe team with highest difference of rank.

In each game this can add up three additional handicap stones.

Rules: The tournament uses a Swiss system and is played in five rounds. If more than 32 teams participate, an extra final round will be used to decide the winner. The time limit is 30 minutes plus 1x20 seconds byoyomi.

Wednesday 8 August.