Montecarlo Contest

MonteCarlo Contest

Have you been fascinated by the advent of artificial intelligence in the world of Go? Do you think you have learned enough about the moves of the most famous softwares that play Go? This is the contest for you!

We have decided to reward the best players who will be able to play official matches during the congress that are more similar to the style of artificial intelligences. For anyone who wants to participate in the contest, we invite you to write down your games and submit your records. We will analyze your matches with the help of some artificial intelligence software and reward players who have come closer to their moves.

Rules: only games played during the 3 big tournaments (Open European Championship/European Championship, Rapid Tournament, Weekend Tournament) are valid.

Please write your matches on the appropriate record sheet (kifu) and hand them to the front desk. Each record must clearly highlight the name of the player participating in the contest, the names of both players who played the game, date, tournament name, signature of both players (this is to confirm that the game was actually played, so please ask your opponent to confirm game records you want to submit).
Please write your record in a readable way :)

The contest is individual, we will analyze only the moves of the players participating in the contest. It is sufficient to write the moves up to 180, moves after 180 will not be considered.
Start: Sunday 29 July morning. End: Friday 10 August evening. Please, do not submit all your records last days of the contest, it will be impossible for us to analyze all of them. We suggest to submit your record as soon as you have played your game and have written your moves.
Details on how the matches will be analyzed (software and criteria used) will be announced only after the end of the contest.
Do not be shy and play in the contest!