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Copyright, cookies and data policy

Cookies and profiling

This site uses cookies for internal use only, in order to ease navigation. No cookies and no metadata of any kind are communicated to other parties.

Personal data

Data gathered from users registering on this site is kept confidential. As an exception, some data relative to your status as a Go player, which you provide while registering, will be shared with EGD, the European Go Database. Data provided while registering are used for no other purpose.

Please write to us if you need further clarification or if you want to delete your data altogether from our servers.

User authentication is managed by FIGG on their servers. FIGG is responsible for all data management.


The copyright of all pages of this site is with FIGG, the Italian Go Federation.

FIGG membership

Subscription to EGF 2018 includes a one-time membership to FIGG, the Italian Go Federation, for the year 2018.

We do that because, as a non-profit association, we get significant fiscal discounts for services that we provide to members. This is a fairly common procedure when an Italian non-profit association organises a public event, because doing so has no significant consequences and does not imply a cost for either the association or you as a new member.

Once you a re a member of FIGG, you can vote and you can be elected during the general assemblies, but you are not required to participate. You have the right to participate in tournaments organised by FIGG in Italy, but you are not required to.

FIGG stores your data: name, birth date, address, email; it keeps them safe as required by law and it does not use them for anything else than keeping registries as required by law. Your data are deleted when your subscription expires, at the end of 2018; your subscription is not automatically renewed.

Your email address is used by FIGG only for communicating news relative to EGC 2018 and general assemblies.

The FIGG statute is a fairly standard statute for an European go association associated to EGF. We only have an Italian version, but Google translate does a good job at rendering it.