Третья Научная конференция

International Conference on Research in Mind Games, 7-8 August 2018, Pisa

We will be hosting the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Research in Mind Games, set to take place 7-8 August at EGC 2018. For this edition, we are proud to welcome both original and review papers from all fields of research in every mind game. In particular, from mathematics, computer science and the social sciences. Event organisers are Prof. Ingo Althöfer (University of Jena) and Prof. Marc-Oliver Rieger (University of Trier).

One day before the conference starts, don't miss the following introductory talk. No previous knowledge on AI needed.

August 6, 17.00h Special lecture: Carsten Kraus (CEO of Omikron Data Quality GmbH, Germany): Artificial Intelligence: the next revolution
Abstract: "Artificial intelligence dominates the media. And if you believe the media, it will soon dominate our working world. What can artificial intelligence already do today, what developments are underway? Can we already benefit from it today? Where can AI bring disruptive changes, where do we need to be cautious?
An exciting journey into the realm of a completely new species that is currently undergoing rapid evolution. And which – in the medium term – will trigger the next revolution in our society.


Program for the Scientific Conference at EGC 2018


August 7

19.30h Social dinner: Location and further details are not determined as of yet. Please also note that dinner expenses are not included in the registration fee.


August 8

10.00h Registration
10.15h Welcome

10.30h Keynote Lecture: Gian-Carlo Pascutto (Leela Town, Belgium): Trends and Observations in Computer Go
11.15h Discussion

11.30h Talk 1: Peter Duersch (Heidelberg, Germany): Measuring Skill and Chance in Games
12.00h Talk 2: Laura-Augustina Avram (Cluj-Napoca, Romania): Some Cognitive Biases during Go-Playing
12.30h Talk 3: Marc-Oliver Rieger (Trier, Germany): Multidimensional Success Measures in Tournaments
Increase Participation through Hedonic Framing

13.00h Lunch break

14.30h Special Lecture: Petr Baudiš (Prague, Czechia): On Pattern Recognition in Go and on Detecting Playing Strength and Style

15.00h Talk 4: Richard Lorentz (Los Angeles, USA): Ten Years of Programming MCTS in a Number of Different Games
15.30h Talk 5: Ingo Althöfer (Jena, Germany): Computer-assisted Play in Chess, Shogi, and Go
16.00h Talk 6: Andrea Carta / Mario Corsolini (Italy): Video Kifu, with Demonstration

16.30h Closing, coffee break

16.45h 19.30h Human and Computer Pair-Go Demonstration Game: Kozo Hayashi - Leela Zero vs Manja Marz - Leela Zero 
17.30h – 19.30h Round table discussion "Teaching Go – challenges and experiences” (open for all participants who teach Go), moderated by Marc-Oliver Rieger


For more details, including extended abstracts, visit mind.uni-trier.de.