Tournoi par Equipe

Team Tournament

A team consists of 3 players seated on 3 boards in order of decreasing ranks.
A team gets one bonus point for:
  1. at least 3 different nationalities
  2. rank differences of more than 5 only (20 kyu is the lowest rank)
  3. age differences of more than 5 years only
  4. at least one female and one male player.

Thus, at most 4 bonus points are possible. The bonus points are added to the total score (points) of the team at the qualification stage and are used as a side criterion to decide ties in the knockout stage.
The thinking time is 30 minutes without byoyomi. Handicaps will be used up to 9 stones according to rank difference decreased by 1. White wins ties.
A team wins due to a higher number of board wins.
Team Tournament is a swiss tournament. Number of rounds and possible finals depend on the number of registered teams.

Date:Wednesday 1 August, 10:00.