Professional players and strong amateur teachers are just as inseparable from the European Go Congress as the players themselves.

Below you will find all the information regarding our VIPs, including how long they will be staying during the event, and what you can expect from them. Please scroll down to see each person's detailed profile page.


Surname, first name (alphabetical) Rank Country of origin/residence Duration of stay Activities
Guo, Juan 5p China/Netherlands 27 July – 12 August General teaching activities, including lectures for Silver and Gold EGC Friends only.
Hayashi, Kozo 6p Japan 28 July – 12 August General teaching activities
Hwang, Inseong 8d South Korea/Switzerland 1 August – 8 August Five lectures, open to everyone
Jabarin, Ali 1p Israel 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Kachanovskyi, Artem 1p Ukraine 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Komatsu, Daiki 3p Japan 27 July – 12 August General teaching activities
Kravets, Andrii 1p Ukraine 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Lisy, Pavol 1p Slovakia 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Maeda, Ryo 6p Japan 30 July – 3 August General teaching activities
Oh, Chimin 7d South Korea/France 27 July – 12 August Competing in the Open European Championship; lectures; reviews; simultaneous games
Shigeno, Yuki 2p Japan 29 July – 1 August General teaching activities
Shikshin, Ilya 2p Russia 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Shinkai, Hiroko 5p Japan 30 July – 12 August General teaching activities
Shiraishi, Kyoko 4p Japan 28 July – 11 August General teaching activities
Surma, Mateusz 1p Poland 27 July – 12 August Competing in European Championship; reviews during second week
Törmänen, Antti 1p Finland/Japan 27 July – 6 August Lectures; reviews; simultaneous games


Please note: We have confirmation for six additional professional players who will join us as official representatives from Asian Go organisations. Two professionals from Nihon Ki-in, two from the Korean Baduk Association, and two from the Chinese Wéiqì Association. The representatives from Kansai Ki-in are Hayashi Kozo and Shiraishi Kyoko. We will complete this page as soon as further information becomes available.






Guo Juan

Guo Juan is a Chinese professional 5-dan, living in the Netherlands since 1990 and shaping the Go community with frequent teaching appearances throughout Europe. She is running Guo Juan's Internet Go School, alongside her fiancée Darrell Malick, who will also attend. The school is a co-sponsor of EGC 2018. Services offered through their site:

  • More than 1,100 pre-recorded professional Go lectures
  • More than 4,000 Go problems in the Training System
  • Online Go school

Outside of general teaching activities, Guo Juan will be hosting private teaching games as a special perk for Silver and Gold EGC Friends. She will also be giving a live demonstration of her online Training System.






Hayashi Kozo is a Japanese professional 6-dan and pupil of Hashimoto Shoji 9p. Mr. Hayashi will visit us as an official represenative of the Go organisation Kansai Ki-in.

During his many visits to European Go Congresses in the past 10 years, Mr. Hayashi has become one of the most popular teachers for his approachability and good nature. If you're looking to find his lectures, the sound of traditional songs from the Ryukyu islands might lead the way. He is an avid player of the shamisen (traditional Japanese lute) and he enjoys archery in his spare time.






Hwang Inseong is a Korean amateur 8-dan and former yeongusaeng. After an active career as a commentator on Baduk TV, he has made his home in many countries throughout Europe, serving as official teacher for both the French and Swiss Go Associations. He placed second at the European Go Congress 2009 in Groningen, Netherlands, among many other successful tournament results. Since 2011, he has been running his online school Yunguseng Dojang. He offers:

  • Regular tournament games against other students, with personal reviews
  • Live, interactive lessons
  • Video archive of past lessons, available anytime
  • Summary/review of progress throughout each season
  • Various competitive games

Inseong will be hosting five lectures during his stay at EGC 2018. Please note: these lectures have been very popular in the past, so you may want to come early to make sure you still get a seat!






EGF professionals

Jabarin, Ali 1p Kachanovskyi, Artem 1p Kravets, Andrii 1p Lisy, Pavol 1p Shikshin, Ilya 2p (current European Champion) Surma, Mateusz 1p

The European professional players are a special source of pride for the European Go Federation, and of course we are excited to welcome them here at the European Go Congress once again. Since the start of the European professional Go system, many outstanding young talents have been able to qualify, the most recent addition being Andrii Kravets 1p from Ukraine.

Ilya Shikshin remains the only professional 2-dan player in the European system to date; he was promoted last year for his excellent results after he won the European Championship at EGC 2017 in Oberhof. This marked his fourth win for the European Championship, but he will still have to work hard to defend his title this year.

The European professionals won't just be competing, though – during the second congress week, every day for 3 hours a different EGF pro will be available for your game reviews.






Komatsu Daiki is a Japanese professional 3-dan with Kansai Ki-in, and pupil of Komatsu Hideki 9p and Komatsu Hideko 4p (his parents). He will be available for general teaching.






Maeda Ryo is a Japanese professional 6-dan with Kansai Ki-in. He is one of the main organisers of Osaka Go Camp, taking place 12 June – 12 July. So if you happen to be there, you can already get acquainted with Mr. Maeda! He has also been a frequent visitor to the US Go Congress, so we are very happy to welcome him in Europe this time.






Oh Chimin is a Korean amateur 7-dan and former yeongusaeng. He was working as a teacher at "Blackie's" International Baduk Academy and Event coordinator at the Korean Baduk Association in Seoul, South Korea, before he moved to Europe and eventually settled in France. He currently works as a teacher for Yunguseng Dojang (for more details, see Inseong's profile above).






Shigeno Yuki is a Japanese professional 2-dan with the Go organisation Nihon Ki-in. During her work as Secretary General of the International Go Federation in the early to mid 2000's, she has had a very formative influence on the European Go community. Her introductions to the game in European schools has laid the groundwork for a newly grown up generation of Go players.

Ms. Shigeno has also spent some years as a resident of Milan, Italy, before moving back to Japan in 2006. Her perspective as a professional with insight into the Italian way of life presents a unique opportunity for congress attendees. Especially since she will be able to understand you in Italian!






Shinkai Hiroko is a Japanese professional 5 dan with Nihon Ki-in. She will be available for general teaching.






Shiraishi Kyoko is a Japanese professional 4 dan. She will visit us as an official represenative of the Go organisation Kansai Ki-in. Ms. Shiraishi will also be available for general teaching.






Antti Törmänen is a Finnish professional 1-dan with Nihon Ki-in. Instead of pursuing a career within the EGF, he went to Japan and passed the Insei exam in 2015. He is the first Western player to accomplish this with the Nihon Ki-in since the promotion of Hans Pietsch 4p (Germany) in 1997.

[Aside: Francis Meyer (USA) was promoted 1p in 2014 by Nihon Ki-in's sister organisation Kansai Ki-in.]

Mr. Törmänen has published his first book "Invisible: The Games of AlphaGo" with Hebsacker Verlag, collecting 78 AlphaGo games, 73 of which received professional commentary.